Let the Professionals handle it! Years of web experience in working font and back-end, puts us in the perfect position to handle your web design needs.

We respect your brand and your company’s vision and these are elements we strive to enhance in your corporate design.

Entry Level Website
Fully Responsive Multi-section 1-page Site

Corporate Website
Fully Responsive Professional Business Site

Online Shop
Online Store with Integrated Payment Gateway

Online Shop + App
Online Store with Native or Hybrid App


We love websites almost as much as coffee

Having designed our first website 20 years ago using nothing but HTML and CSS code in good old Notepad, we sure have come a long way! And we still get as excited today when a site goes live, as in those days!

Experience can not be acquired overnight, fact-jack!

Our knowledge and skills gained through exposure to a variety of complimentary industries have enabled us to offer a supreme web service.

Web technologies change all the time, and we find it exhilirating to be part of this ever-growing and evolving industry.

When your job is your passion, you never have a bad work day!

DesignHub can assist in a variety of web solutions, from Web and Graphic Design to Hosting options. Whether you are starting out with a new business in need of a web presence or you are ready to start trading online – we are here for you! We pride ourselves on the professional relationships we build with our clients and their respective journeys.

Quality counts … at least with us!

Each of our web projects get 120% attention, as it should be. We often have more than one Designer collaborating with the team and working together to ensure the ultimate outcome we envisioned for you.

To further ensure you get the very best from our Design team, each project undergoes a minimum of two rounds of Quality Assurance by our Directors. Trust us, when we say you are in good (quality) hands and we always have your best interest at heart. We would not put our name to a project, if it wasn’t our best!