Add a Flipbook to your Site


Desc: Add your Annual Report, Company Profile, Product Catalogue, Orientation booklets etc as a three dimentional Flipbook on your company website.
We take your PDF document and add it to your WordPress Site as an interactive page-through booklet. It can be used for magazines, books, cards, brochures, booklets, portfolios and much more. It definitely helps to attract the user’s attention and gives a modern impression of your company’s literature.

The URL can be shared on all platforms to redirect traffic to the page and your site.

Your client can directly download the PDF file from the flipbook and also share the flipbook link to email and specific social media platforms.

Terms: Item done on WordPress websites (admin access will be required). Final approved PDF document to be provided. All information to be provided by client. Item is placed by means of a Plugin. Excludes stock images. Excludes hosting. External hosts: subject to your type of hosting and disc space. Client to supply Control Panel details upfront.

Ideal for: All Businesses, Target specific action, Marketing Campaigns

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